March 27, 2023


At a height of 15,000 feet in the centre of Himachal, Buran Ghati is an awesome trek and exhilarating pass. This wonderful pass departs from Janglik and is like a dream come true since it provides with everything adventurous, including sliding and rappelling down a snow cliff.Therefore, while on your trip, take in the shifting get a hold of landscape, flora and fauna, amazing views of the mountains, lush forests, and attractive and beautiful villages.

Buran Ghati’s unmatched adventure and beauty make it seem like a jewel hidden in the hills! The scenery you may see in the Buren Valley is breathtaking, and you will have a distinct experience at each campsite throughout the Buran Ghati Pass Trek.

About Janglik village:

The Janglik’s base camp is a charming little village at an elevation of 2804 metres. There are a few homestays and small businesses. You can see unusual Deodar-wooden dwellings.

The main base camp for the Buran Ghati Pass Trip, where your trek will begin, is Janglik, where you can get the majority of supplies.

Best time for trekking:

The Buran Ghati Pass climb is a wonderful and slow ascent in the Himalayas, making it perfect for those with a deep interest for mountaineering and who see it as acting an unique purpose in their lives.

The optimum time to complete the Buran Ghati Pass Trek is between May 5 and October 30. It is safe, comfortable, and free from all issues.Along with snow in May and June, the walk allows you to witness flora that acts as a little version of Switzerland. This both makes your walk memorable and challenging. Therefore, this hike shouldn’t be considered as too simple.

Difficulty level of the trek:

The Buran Ghati Pass After Base Camp:  this trek gets a little more challenging due to the uphill climb to the pass and the need to complete the Down Hill Trek after summiting Buran Ghati.

However, you can definitely do it if your fitness level is good and you have the desire for trekking.

How to reach:

By air: 

You should get to your final location within two hours whenever you travel, according to Himalayan climbers. The nearest airport to Shimla is in Chandigarh and is roughly 122 kilometres from the city of Shimla. There are flights from different states to Chandigarh, and you may purchase tickets online. 

If the flight to Chandigarh is too expensive for you, you can come by flight to Delhi or take the bus from Delhi to Shimla, which is the easier option.

By Bus:

  • If you need to take a bus from Chandigarh to Shimla, you can do so by arriving at Sector 43 of the city on time and purchasing your bus ticket.
  • You can take a bus from Delhi to Shimla and get off at Kashmiri ISBT; it is best if you have reservations for the seats. The bus ride from Delhi to Old Bus Stand Shimla takes 10–11 hours.

Conditions of the weather:

The weather and temperature on the Buran Ghati Journey always fluctuate, making it perfect for your trek at any season. The months of May through October have reasonably pleasant daytime temperatures with somewhat colder nights and little to no snow. the peak’s neighbouring buran ghati pass.

A short itenary of the trek:

Day-1: Pickup from Shimla and a cab ride of 160 km (six to seven hours) to Janglik village  whose elevation is 2,804 metres

Day-2: Trek from the village of Janglik to Dayara Thach ( 04 km) (4/5 Hours) (3376 Metre).

Day-3: Trekking takes three and a half hours from Dayara Thach to Litham Camp (3578 Metre)

Day-4: a quick ascent to Chandernahan Lake Spend some time exploring before returning to Litham Camp (03 km) in 4–5 hours (4327 Metre)

Day-5: The Litham Camp to Dhunda Camp Trek (04 km) (6/7 Hours) (4075 Metre)

Day-6: Trekking from Dhunda to River camp (3597 m) and Buran Ghati Pass (4572 m) takes seven and a half hours.

Day-7: River camp to Barua trek (05 km) Drive to Shimla the same day (275 km)


Buran ghati is one among some of those treks that will make you feel close to nature and accept it in the true form. This trek will surely give you some of the best memories for your whole life and the breathtaking views will always remain in your eyes, so it is definitely recommended that you should try this trek ANd you can have the assurance that you will not regret your decision.

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