March 29, 2023

Lauren Chandiram is the wife of Robert James-Collier, a British actor. The couple, who have been together since 2007, made their love affair public in 2007. Robert is a well-known actor, having appeared in a number of films and TV series. His best-known role was as Thomas Barrow in Downton Abbey.

Body measurements

Lauren Chandiram is a very pretty actress, but we are not sure of her body measurements. She is a tall woman, standing at 6 feet two inches, but her other body measurements are not publicized. She also keeps her professional life private. While she has made a few red carpet appearances with her husband, she has never announced her weight. Lauren is a very private person and does not use social media.

The wife of British actor Robert James-Collier, Lauren has gained fame in recent years. The actress is known for wearing trendy outfits at movie premieres. Before her marriage to Robert, she was not so popular. Before becoming a celebrity, Lauren was an unknown face, with no personal or professional social media accounts. Her marriage to Robert James-Collier is what caught her public attention.

Robert James-Collier and Lauren Chandiram began dating in 2007. At the time, Rob James-Collier was 31 and Lauren Chandiram was in her early twenties. They have two children together, a daughter and a son. Her net worth is estimated at $500k. Despite her modest income, Lauren Chandiram plans to continue her work as an Actress and Model.

Lauren Chandiram’s height is 6 feet 2 inches and she weighs 50 kilograms. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She is of mixed ethnicity. She is British, but her family is Indian. She was born in the United Kingdom and raised in the 20 Number district of London. She was the girlfriend of Robert James Collier, a famous British actor. Despite her high profile, Lauren Chandiram maintains a low profile on social media.

Relationship with Robert James-Collier

Lauren Chandiram is a British actor and model who is currently involved with the famous British actor Robert James-Collier. They first came into the spotlight in 2007 and their relationship has been a topic of discussion ever since. Both actors are known for their roles in Coronation Street and Downton Abbey. As far as Chandiram’s personal life is concerned, she prefers privacy and keeps a low profile on social media.

Since their relationship began, Lauren has kept her privacy a top priority. The couple hasn’t revealed much about her professional life and how she supports her family. However, Lauren is a loving and supportive partner and has helped her husband through some tough times. They have a son together, Milo James-Collier, who will be 12 years old in 2022.

Robert James-Collier was born in Salford, Greater Manchester. After finishing his education, he worked at various small jobs. However, he decided to pursue acting when he was in his 20s. His first on-screen appearance was in a 2006 episode of Shameless.

Robert James-Collier and Lauren Chandiram met while she was working at a clothes store in Buckinghamshire. They then went on to live together. The couple had plans to open a clothing fashion store in Manchester. Lauren hasn’t disclosed her net worth or her source of income, but Robert has estimated that his net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

The two are not married, but they are in a long-term relationship. Lauren Chandiram didn’t become an Internet sensation until her marriage to Robert James-Collier. The couple have a son and a daughter from a previous relationship.

lauren chandiram Age

The age of Lauren Chandiram is unknown. She is about six feet two inches tall, and is one inch shorter than Robert Chandiram. Her height is not published on Wikipedia, and her life story is very private. She has also not joined social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, and has kept her family details private.

Robert James-Collier and Lauren Chandiram are married and have one son together, Milo James-Collier. Their son was born in 2010. Lauren Chandiram hasn’t disclosed any previous relationships. However, her husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. Therefore, Lauren Chandiram’s family may not be as well-known as Robert James-Collier’s.

Rob James-Collier is an actor and he has an estimated net worth of $11 million. The actor is best known for his role as Liam Connor in Coronation Street. While the age of Lauren Chandiram is unknown, it is known that her husband is a wealthy man with an estimated net worth of $11 million. In addition, the actress seems to be an avid fan of designer clothes.

While the two have been together since 2007, Lauren has been very private about her personal life and aspirations. She hasn’t revealed her parents, siblings, or educational background. This may be due to her desire for privacy. Despite her steadfast grip on her privacy, the relationship has gotten her plenty of attention.

James-Collier is an English actor, born in Salford, who is most popular for his roles as Liam Connor in Coronation Street and Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey. His many roles have thrust him into the public eye, which has changed his life. Lauren Chandiram is his long-term partner and they have one child together.

lauren chandiram Social media accounts

There is no personal information available about Lauren Chandiram on any of her social media accounts. In fact, she is extremely private and has chosen to stay out of the public eye. Her parents have never been publicly announced, and her educational background and family members have not been made public either. In fact, her husband, the renowned actor Robert James-Collier, has very active social media accounts.

Lauren Chandiram is married to actor Robert James-Collier, and the two have one son together, Milo James-Collier. The couple met in 2007 at a red carpet event and have been together ever since. She was a model before meeting Robert, and before meeting him, she owned her own clothing store in Buckinghamshire.

Her height is 6 feet 2 inches and her weight is unknown. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Although her height and weight are unknown, her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million. The two of them are secretive about their children and careers, but she’s still a big fan of designer clothing. She wore Monse during her Downton Abbey debut.

Though Lauren Chandiram maintains a private life, she has been spotted out in public with her British actor-partner Robert since 2007. Her public appearances with Robert show that she is supportive of his career, as well as his. Robert Chandiram has made public statements that Lauren has been his pillar of support.

Robert James-Collier and Lauren Chandiram’s relationship has been a subject of much speculation. Their relationship was first publicized in 2007, and it has blossomed since then. The couple married in 2008. After a few months, Lauren and Robert had already been making headlines.

lauren chandiram Net worth

Lauren Chandiram’s net worth is unknown, but we do know a bit about her height, weight, and height difference from her husband Robert Chandiram. At six feet and two inches tall, she is one inch shorter than her husband. The couple met while Lauren was running a clothing store in Buckinghamshire. Originally, Lauren had no plans of becoming a model. While she has made a few red carpet appearances with her husband, she has remained very private about her family and has no social media accounts.

Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier are married in the United Kingdom. They have one son together, Milo James-Collier. Their relationship first made headlines in 2007 and the couple made rare red carpet appearances. Since then, Robert James-Collier and Lauren Chandiram have kept their personal lives away from the public eye. Although they have a son together, they have remained quiet on social media. They are both proud parents of their son Milo, but their net worth is unknown.

Lauren Chandiram’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The actress has never revealed her source of income. She’s a fan of originator clothes and wore Monse clothing with a lopsided stitch on her debut on Downton Abbey. In addition to acting, Chandiram is married to a handsome man named Robert James-Collier. Together, they earn between $5K and $10K per month.

Before her marriage to Robert James-Collier, Lauren Chandiram remained a quiet personality. She has never released her educational background, parents, or siblings. Chandiram is also a very private person, not active on social media.

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