March 29, 2023
Nature Adventure


Are you thinking of a trip to Bangalore on a weekend of sexual entertainment? Or are you searching for a venue for your employees to get closer to the job of traveling? Consider Nature Adventure Camp. The camp is situated about 60 km from Bangalore the camp is one of the fashionable spots to take a sexy getaway.

The camp site, which is located near the stunning Lake in Hosadoddi and the area in the Bananthimari Forest, is an ideal spot for relaxation and nature lovers. Hutment offers a variety of activities with well-designed , customized plans that satisfy your budget and needs. The Hutment offers an in-house and outdoor training area which lets you enjoy the challenge but also acquire the latest survival techniques. It also helps you become familiar with techniques for adventure gear including first aid, as well as CPR training.

A few strenuous activities

Enjoy yourself while you spend hours doing strenuous tasks like walking through test of nails, rope and climbing, slush, the high-rope crossing traveling, etc. It’s not just a personal scenario; there are a lot of games both indoors and outdoors which keep you entertained. After a long day of entertainment you, you can relax around the warmth of a fire while sharing stories about your partner.

This Nature Adventure Camp team will show off your package by prolonging the duration to 3 days. The packages are all inclusive of food and other essentials. It is also possible to find your musketeers in the dorms as well as at camp.

This Nature Adventure Camp team will show off your package by prolonging it for up to three days. Each of these packages includes food and other essentials. People love to live in rustic bull-eschewal-of-door canopies as they live under a starry sky. It is also possible to have a chat with your musketeers at the dorms as well as at camp.

Nature Adventure Camp

Water conditioning

Nature Adventure Camp is located in Hosadoddi Lake, which is the ideal spot for water sports that are exciting. Aquatic activities include the zip-filling process, kayaking coracle lifts from the old academy, and water sports in the pools.

Trekking and Exploring Caves

Nature Adventure Camp is located in the Bananthimari Forest, home to gems and wildlife. The camp offers stunning natural trails as well as travel areas.

Explore a 5-kilometer climb up Devara Gudda hill in the woods. Enjoy a lengthy nature walk through the bamboo poles that are green. Visit the abandoned grottoes of the vicinity. Relax and refresh near the natural resources once more.

360-degree High Rope Traverse

Improve your skills while enjoying a thrilling high rope lessons in Nature Adventure Camp bangalore. The camp provides eight distinct scenarios to use high-end closure techniques.

Slush Conditioning

This is a way to guarantee that it brings you back to your unborn when you take on your musketeers to a game and have fun in the midst of the wall. Have fun with activities such as Slush kabaddi or slush volleyball. You can also enjoy a the handicap course for slush. It is recommended to visit the camp during autumn or during the colder months from July to March. This is because a great deal of work is required is required at Nature Adventure Camp is held outdoors , and the camp offers an abundance of physical exercise. This is a great time to have fun without becoming exhausted.

Important Information About Natural Recreation Camp

There are two different alternatives to select from. There is the option of living under outdoor canopies (on the basis of a share basis) or perhaps sharing a dorm that has bigger beds. The amount of postponement available may differ according to the plan.

Day outing package that includes breakfast, Lunch and Hi-Tea.

Sitting package 1 breakfast (malicious) One Lunch (positive as well as non-violent) Hi-tiye, 1 Sitting Package, as well as one Regale (positive and non-violent).

Tracksuits that are track-free


– Simple jersey

– Windcheat

More clothing accessories

-Sung glasses

– Water bottles

-Screen screen

To eliminate mosquitoes

-Mobile phone

– Powerbank charging

Tools in particular, that are crucial to protect from sun damage

 -Some drugs

Shoes that are harmful

– Shoes for sports

Slippers or sandals must be removed.

Exact amount since there isn’t a solid ATM

– – Cotton T-shirts, loose trousers and cotton t-shirts

– Bluetooth speaker

The package is affective.

Installation Provided at the Kanakpura Natural Recreation Camp bangalore

The offered deals on offer at Nature Adventure Camp include

24 hours of continuous water hydration

Hot water toilets

A restaurant that is open and easy to access.

The court

A resting area facing the lake.

All options are available as buffet

– Bonfire circle

Internal games like mystifications, carrom, mystifications, chess, personality, table tennis, and so on.

A great outdoor gym right outside the door

Style style with beds that are lower

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