April 1, 2023


The fast-paced lifestyle of Bangalore has increased stress levels of a large portion of the people. They are all looking for ways to lessen anxiety, ease stress and improve their overall happiness. Camping is a great way for them to rid themselves of the stress growing due to their work and relish the benefits of their labor.

Best Places for Camping Near Bangalore

A variety of camping sites are located close to Bangalore. Some provide tents and others offer log or jungle hut while others provide the possibility of pitching personal tents. Take a look below for an overview of the best places to camp near Bangalore.

Best Places to Camp (Bangalore Within 200 Km)

If you don’t want to be too far from Bangalore but still want to experience the excitement of staying in the camp for the night? Pack your bags for a fantastic experience camping near Bangalore. These are the places you can visit in only an hour and take the camping experience.

1. Manchinbele

One of the most well-known weekends camping spots close to Bangalore, Manchinbele, offers breathtaking beauty and stunning views from Manchinbele Lake.

This weekend’s getaway will provide the ultimate entertainment during family gatherings and corporate events.

40km away from Bangalore, Manchinbele allows tourists to take part in activities such as Paintball or a ropes course (wild woolly, log swing Multi-vine and horizontal ladder tightrope walk) as well as water sports (kayaking canoeing, kayaking, swimming and raft building).

This is all for only Rs1500 per person for a day excursion and Rs2500/person for camping overnight.

There is Camp Manchinbele as well as Extreme Zone Getaways Camping resorts.

2. Ramanagara

Another well-known camping spot is Ramanagara close to Bangalore.

Its rough topography, barren landscape and rocky granite outcrops make it a paradise to rock climbers.

The site was the filming location for the film Sholay.

It’s also a great place to spend a night camping with friends.

50 km away to Bangalore, Ramanagara allows tourists to take part in activities such as Ziplining and jumaring, rappelling kayaking, archery, and paddle boating.

This all for just Rs1200/person per day.

They have Ramanagaram Resorts for Adventure Camp Camping.

3. Bananthi Betta

Bananthi Betta is located mid-way between Konanadoddi and Kyathanahalli.

It’s an offbeat trek and camping spot close to Bangalore.

The lush green hills line the border of Bananthi Betta alongside an unknown stream that flows downslope.

The unspoiled beauty and diversity make for a serene getaway for Bangaloreans.

With 55km distance from Bangalore, Bananthi Betta allows visitors to take part in activities such as balance stroll, ladder walking shooting with a target and boating, as well as trekking, treasure hunts, and rappelling.

All this for only 1500-1700 rupees per day.

Aventura India Camping Resorts are available. Aventura India Camping Resorts.

4. Kanakpura

Its stunning Hosa Doddi Lake locates it as well as the Kanakpura camping area is awe-inspiring in its beauty and an exhilarating experience.

The Bananthimari forest zone encompasses it.

It’s the perfect place to relax and renewal.

The lake is 63.7km to Bangalore, Kanakpura allows tourists to indulge in activities like acid walk, snow walks fires in the evening, pitching tents zip-lining, boating, coracle-riding, kayaking and kayaking on the lake.

All this for less than Rs1700 to 2000 per person for the day.

It is possible to find Nature Adventure Camp Camp Resorts.

5. Savandurga

It is located on the Ramanagaram-Magadi Highway, Savandurga is known for granite cliffs , caving and caving adventures.

Savandurga is ideal for sport and corporate team building activities.

Savandurga is a great spot to camp for a single day near Bangalore.

With 69.4 kms in distance from Bangalore, Savandurga allows tourists to take part in activities such as Rappelling and high-rope traversing kayaking, night trekking, night hikes and climbing to Kaprigudda and Bili Gudda summits.

This is all for only Rs1200/person per day.

There is Camp Extreme Zone camping resorts.

6. Anthargange

Anthargange for night camping and caving is an ideal spot close to Bangalore.

The area is portion of the Shatha Shrunga Mountain range and is comprised of rock outcrops.

It is great for mountain hiking and trekking.

The caves made of volcanic rocks is an amazing viewpoint of Anthargange.

With a distance of 70 kilometers away from Bangalore, Anthargange allows tourists to indulge in activities such as Night hiking and caving, bonfires, and even stargazing at night from the highest point.

All this for only Rs1050 per person per day.

There are camping resorts.

7. Nachikuppam

In the hills of Krishnagiri, Nachikuppam is a beautiful spot for camping in the forest close to Bangalore.

The campsite is situated in front of a beautiful lake, offering a an amazing camping experience and a kitchen that is improvised thrilling, exciting activities, and more.

There’s also an ancient temple on top of the hill, as well as mango farms that surround the campsite.

75km away from Bangalore, Nachikuppam allows tourists to indulge in activities such as Trekking and nature walks as well as boating, bird watching and barbecue meals.

The price is just Rs7300 for a two-day package.

The resorts include Camp Linger as well as Nachikuppam ECR Camp Camping resorts.

8. Bheemeshwari

With exotic fauna and flora situated on the banks of River Cauvery, this picturesque landscape is a sought-after hot spot for adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

Visitors can see a variety of wild animals, such as big grizzled squirrels, jackals and deer that are spotted.

100km away from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari allows tourists to indulge in activities like Rafting, kayakingand mountain biking as well as bird watching, rope walking and a jungle safari.

All this at just Rs 5000 to 6000 per night and two days.

Adventure & Nature Camp, Jungle Lodges and Galibore Fishing Camp Camping resorts are available.

9. Doddamakali

It is also situated along the shores of the Cauvery, Doddamakali offers peace and renewal to everyone.

Doddamakali is home to many species of wildlife and birds.

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