March 18, 2023


Since the beginning of time and without documentation humans have been envious of bird’s ability to glide through the skies. This is why it was with admiration and awe for flying that humans chased the capability until they worked out how to make it happen for them.

The most common wish everyone has had as children was to be pilots and fly into the skies. We dreamed about it until we realized that it’s not as simple or affordable. If given the possibility, who wouldn’t like to fly an airplane in the air or have the closest experience to it? Microlight Flying is that one opportunity for everyone!

What is Microlight Flying?

Microlight flying is an air sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years. The Flying, also called Ultralight Flying, is an activity in which you pilot an ultralight aircraft with a single person. Microlight flights of today are louder and quicker. They can travel at speeds of 100kmper hour over long distances. Maximum number of passengers in the plane can be two, with a total weight not exceeding 450kgs.

Microlights are taking off all over the globe. With improved technology, they’re now accessible to a wide range of countries , and they are guaranteed safety in flying. If there is an sudden engine failures during flight, microlights are able to make sure that landing is safe.

When is the best time to go microlight flying

Because microlight flying takes place at low altitudes of the sky, good steady weather and an unobstructed sky are essential. Therefore, it is recommended to choose Microlight Flying during the time between October and March. The winter, spring and the last part of Autumn are thought as the best gorgeous and suitable for all seasons.

Microlight flying is a microlight flight that meets the requirements.

There aren’t any eligibility requirements for flying microlights, other than that the person wanting to fly is over 10 years old. age, and isn’t an individual suffering from heart-related or diabetes-related illnesses or blood pressure issues, is in bad health, or pregnant for longer than 3 months. In the event that the rider is over healthy and fit, and is not so bulky that it is difficult to get into and off the plane, then they’re qualified to fly.

Where are the microlight-flying facilities in India?

There are three places in India in which Microlight flying is a sport that can be enjoyed. The locations are as follows:

Mysore (old Airport)

It is located in hangar 2 of The Mysore Airport.

Jalkur, Bangalore

It is situated at the end of Bellary street located in Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Tambaram (Chennai)

It is located in Chennai.

Where do I purchase tickets?

It is possible to book flight online ahead of time or on one site bookings are available. It is advised to book ahead.

Things to consider prior to flying in the microlight aircraft

1. One person can only fly alongside the pilot.

2. The person who is traveling must be older than 10 years old.

3. The person taking part in the flight should not be intoxicated by any substance.

4. Pregnant women are not permitted to fly due to reasons of health.

5. A person must carry a valid ID proof of identification with them when making a reservation and also at the airport.

6. Foreign citizens must have their passports.

7. Passengers must adhere to the safety guidelines extremely strictly and not break the safety rules.

8. It is not allowed to take images in the air, so you must keep your mobile phones in their homes.

9. You must be healthy during the flight and it is suggested to stay clear of the plane when you’re not feeling fit.

Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Microlight flying

1. Do you think it is possible to click images from above?

Answer: Clicking on images during the flight is prohibited due to safety concerns.

2. Do you need to carry the parachute?

Answer: No. The use of a parachute is not necessary nor beneficial as the flight’s height doesn’t allow for the parachute to be used.

3. Are you able to safely fly microlight flight?

Answer You can safely take part in the aero-sport. The planes are thoroughly tested and checked prior to being allowed to fly. The wings are huge and enable them to guarantee an uninjured landing in the event that engines fail during the flight.

4. Are children able to take part in microlight flying?

Answer: Kids are able to fly microlights as long as they are at least 10-12 years old. The child has to take flying as a solo passenger, not along with their parent since the aircraft is designed for only one passenger.

5. Is it possible to invite a guest to observe the flight cost more?

Answer: Not. It is possible to invite guests to watch the flight along with them. The cost isn’t extra.

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