March 18, 2023


View of the night from the mountains and the sparkling skies promises hopes!

Do the thought of a trip into the dark of night appeal to you?

Skandagiri is one of the treks touted as the most heavenly destination for night hikers.

The trek entices you with the excitement of night hiking and the beautiful early sunrise.

It’s a perfect single-day weekend trip that will take you to the top of Skandagiri.

Skandagiri Mountain is known as the hill of fortresses as well as Kalavara Durga.

The tradition goes back to the time of the ancients. Skandagiri is also known as Kalwar better.

The remains of Kalavara Durga give a haunting atmosphere.

About Skandagiri Hills Trek

Skandagiri hill lies 70 km north of Bangalore.

The Skandagiri trekking trail is a combination of an ascent uphill and a descent slope of 8 kilometers (cumulative).

The trail requires cautious maneuvers because of loose areas.

Information about Skandagiri Hills

Region- Bangalore, Karnataka

District- Chikballapur

Altitude- 4,757 feet

Distance: 8.4 km (both ways)

Trek Time- 7 hours

Duration- 1 day

End point Papagni Mutt, Bangalore

Difficulty Level – Moderate to hard

Water Availability- N/A. (Carry own Water)

* Phone Connectivity-Connectivity is not available until when you reach the base camp.

* ATM – Having enough cash on hand prior to going on the journey is recommended.

How to get in touch

By Road

Bangalore is well connected by rail, road or by air.

It’s best if you arrived in Bangalore and then headed for Papagni Mutt, the base camp for trekking.

Arriving in Bangalore via train, and after that to the Skandagiri Base Camp (Papagni Mutt) via road.

By Air

Bangalore airport has a good connection to all region of India and all over the world.

After arriving in Bangalore take a taxi or bus back to Skandagiri Base Camp.

A few highlights of the trek Skandagiri

Night Trekking Experience-

Skandagiri is among the few treks that night here.

If you’re a traveling lover with a grit for adventure and adventure, then Skandagiri must be on your list of destinations.

It’s definitely an unforgettable experience!

Historical Importance-

The trek follows the fortress on the mountain that is of historical significance.

While it’s deteriorating the fort is still inviting visitors to take a trip and enjoy its splendor.

Skandagiri Hills-

The old mountains of Skandagiri are indeed an awe-inspiring beauty.

Skandagiri Sunrise View Point-

It is the main attraction of the trek.

Many trekking companies start the trek at the time of dawn (3 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM) to catch the most stunning sunrises in the region.

This is why it is a.k.a. the trek that starts at sunrise to Skandagiri.

It is this image-postcard scene that the trek has become well-known!


Skandagiri trek has a spiritual significance to it.

At the top of Skandagiri is an old Shiva temple that trekkers can relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

You also get offered a magnificent artwork of Nandi in the middle.

There is also the Skandagiri temple a.k.a. Kukke Subramanya Temple.

According to the beliefs of the local population, Vasuki, a divine serpent, along with other snakes sought refuge in the area after being attacked by Garuda.

The best moment to go Skandagiri

The trek is accessible all year round. The vegetation is lush and green and the hills are stunning at the beginning of winter.

You can also take on this trek in summer. Since this trek is mostly undertaken at night you will be able to take a break from the summer heat of the day.

Beware of trekking in monsoon because the paths become slippery and muddy.

Weather and Temperature at Skandagiri

The temperature can range between 23 and 17 degrees in November and February.

The months of summer from March to May have an increase in temperature from 33 to 26 deg.

In the monsoon season from June through August, temperatures can range from 28 to 22 degrees.

The temperatures vary from 28 to 19 ° between September until October.

It is possible to have occasional rain in September.

Itinerary of Skandagiri Trek

Day 1-

Go to the summit, then return to Bangalore

Altitude- 4,757 feet

Distance- 8 km

Duration: 7 hours

The hike is 5 km to the top.

A sharp right-hand turn takes you to the summit on the Skandagiri summit

The statue of the highly revered Nandi can be a soothing beauty after a hike.

There’s an ancient Shiva Temple situated at the highest point of the hill, where it is possible to offer a silent prayer.

The views from the top are pleasing.

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to descend from the summit.

After you have arrived at the base, you are able to return to Bangalore in the same day.

Note: The downhill hike isn’t an easy one as the path is rough and loose dirt that demands careful maneuvering.

It is recommended that you begin the descent at 9 am.

In other cases, the sun is too relentless.

The difficulty of Skandagiri Trek

To be able to do this without much effort it is necessary to have prior experience in trekking.

Furthermore, night treks require the ability to move and be alert.

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