March 18, 2023
Google reviews embed

Ever since people have shifted towards social media and Google for their research, brands are going gaga overpowering up their review game. Google is the most used search engine to search for brands and make their purchase decisions. Of course, reviews play the most important role here.

Brands have been embedding Google reviews on their websites to boost user engagement, improve their website dwell time, enhance vibrancy, build trust, and increase revenue generation, customer acquisition, and retention. Embedding Google reviews also help with creating a personal brand-user relationship.

By displaying UGC on the website you show online evidence of the brand that leads to building authenticity and transparency. In this blog, you will see some tools that help in making the Google reviews embed process smooth and effortless. Let’s catch up!

Tools to Embed and their Pricing Plans

Here are some of the best tools you can use to embed Google reviews on your website. These tools are cost-efficient and can be customized according to your requirements. Let’s have a look.

1. Taggbox Widget

The best tool is the Taggbox widget, which collects and curates lovely review feeds from over 20 platforms, including Google. This tool is compatible with various website building platforms such as WordPress, HTML, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.

Customize your widget using various themes, layouts, and designs. These customizations are highly compatible and fast-loading to ensure they do not affect your website load-time and overall performance. You can add a CTA button, banner, on-site UGC upload feature, etc. With the custom CSS option, you can add additional CSS code to further personalize the widget.

Moderate your widget by eliminating irrelevant and inappropriate content, highlighting the best reviews, and getting UGC rights permission directly from Taggbox. You also get an analytics panel that helps you track and analyze user engagement, no. of impressions, no. of visits, user sentiments, and much more.

This tool is cost-effective, you can request a customized plan that suits your requirements. It also offers a free trial period to help make an informed decision.

2. Onstipe

Onstipe is the most used tool that provides efficacy to create beautiful review walls. You can embed these review walls on the website or showcase them in any event, digital signage, etc. you deliver a long-lasting impact on the visitor’s mind and offer social proof to help build trust.

You get a variety of pricing plans available, you can choose between monthly or one-time payment plans. Apart from the 14-day free trial, it starts from $15/month and goes up to $99/day. You can change the plan anytime you wish, and choose from different plans that suit your requirements and budget.

3. Everwall

Everwall helps you develop amazing digital walls that can include social media, Google, etc. You can display Google reviews in real-time to your website visitors. You get a customization feature to personalize the wall and make it more interactive. It is also SEO friendly and helps in improving SEO ranking, and overall website performance.

The pricing plans are basic and simple. The self-service plan includes customer support, updates unlimited posts, 12 layouts, customization features, website embedding, social stats, and much more for $49 per event day. The full-service plan includes moderation, customization, and much more for $299 per event day. Apart from this, Everwall charges an extra $2500 as a setup fee.

4. Elfsight 

Elfsight helps you curate widgets and display them on the website to boost sales, generate leads, engage the audience, grow review count, and much more through your website. This platform has an easy interface and the embedding process does not require any coding technicalities. You can customize the widget, monitor its performance, see valuable insights, display quality and relevant content with the moderation panel, and much more.

And start with a free trial and upgrade your plans later. In the $5/month Basic single app plan, you get support, installation services, and branding removal. There is a Pro plan ($10/month) and an Enterprise plan ($25/month) in the single app category.

In the all apps category pack, the memberships start from $15 and go up to $75 a month.

5. EmbedSocial

Last but not the least, EmbedSocial is a popular aggregator tool that offers responsive options to aggregate review feeds and display them on the website. Browse through various templates and get the benefit of an advanced analytics panel to monitor the overall performance.

The EmbedReviews plan goes from $29/month to $99/month in the premium plan. You get Email, SMs reviews, integration with Google, Facebook, etc. bulk import, moderation and customization, account management, etc.

Wrapping it up!

You can analyze these tools, check the plans, review their specifications, and finally, make your investment. The best cost-effective and most popular tool is Taggbox Widget, apart from the free trial period, you get various pricing plans to choose from and get the best one. The freedom of choosing what suits your requirements the best, can be beneficial and help in growing your business while being budget-friendly.

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