March 30, 2023

The role of a plastering contractor is significant; they contribute to the construction work. A plaster is a person who is commissioned to work with plaster. With time, plastering work has been improvised, and today we are witnessing versatility in this domain. The demand for skilled plasterers is on a high rise, and if you, too, are looking forward to making a career as a plastering contractor, you must know about its key aspects.

A plasterer is expected to apply coats of plaster or parging to ceilings, walls or partitions. It is done mainly for functionality and aesthetics. Most of the plasterers are employed by companies or contractors.

Some plasterers are employed in the insulation and drywall industry, while masonry contractors employ some. Again, another category works independently, and this percentage is very small compared to the other two categories.

The Scope of Work of a Plasterer

A plasterer is typically expected to do the below-mentioned work:

  • They are responsible for surface preparation which begins with the cleaning of the surface that is to be plastered
  • Fixing a wire mesh to the surface to make sure that the plaster he applies stays securely on the wall
  • The job at hand requires preparation of the plaster consistency because not all walls and partitions require the same thing
  • Application of plaster using the right tools like trowels, spray guns or brushes
  • Undercoating the surface rough with a scratcher so that the final layer that he applies stays firmly on the wall
  • If a decorative texture is required, he will do that using various implements like stones, trowels or brushes to get the desired effect
  • And finally, on the finished wall, he is to apply certain kinds of waxes and sealants so that the plastered layer is not spoilt

Why Are Plasterers Required?

Plasterers are required because they need to apply a certain number of coats to the ceilings and interior walls to make them resistant to fire and sound. They need to make the walls strong and ready to be painted by preparing the surface and coating them with plaster. Only then can the painter finish his job, making them ready to be used.

If the plasterer is efficient enough, he will also make the surface resistant to scratches. Finally, he is instrumental in making the walls look decorative with his aesthetic sense and the customers’ needs.


Criteria To Find a Good Plasterer

Many people may be vying for a plastering contractor. But to make up the list of the most popular and best plastering contractors in town, you must match the criteria that make the best plasterer. Here we have highlighted some important skills that one needs to master:

Good Physical Strength

Plastering is a physical and laborious job, so you must be able to work efficiently with your hands.

Good Eyesight

One must have good eyesight and an eye for detail. You must be extremely good at taking note of the fine details that must be put in the final stage to enhance the beauty of the surface.

Have A Fine Sense Of Art And Aesthetics

One must Be extremely attentive and keen on aesthetics and fine details. A plasterer thus has to have a passion for designing and art so that the ultimate project is beautiful to behold.

Good Listening Skills

If you want to excel as a plasterer, you have to be a good listener and understand what the client is expecting and trying to convey. One should be fast enough to catch the situation’s needs.

Mastering these skills will give you professional excellence as a plastering contractor. In addition, gaining experience and expertise in newer ways of plastering will get you a better clientele.


The job of a plasterer may sound easy, but it is not what it looks like. One has to be very flexible and physically fit to complete the plastering task. On average, a plasterer may earn $63,375 per year or $32.50 per hour. The entry-level plasterer may initially earn $56,800 per year, and it will increase with experience. So, it is a good opportunity to earn and grow professionally.

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