April 1, 2023

Practice Velocity EMR software has proven to be a valuable tool in improving healthcare practices. This software enables doctors to save time, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction. It is also easier to read than paper records and reduces errors caused by illegible handwriting. In addition, patients rate the electronic system highly.


Practice Velocity offers electronic medical records (EMRs) for urgent care centers. Also offers start-up consulting and billing services. Designed for small and midsize medical practices. Integrates seamlessly with the billing system and improves operational staff convenience. Pros: It is easy to use and is more accurate than paper records.

Practice Velocity’s EMR software can help you streamline patient visits by offering features such as appointment scheduling and auto-reminders. It also has a secure prescribing feature that lets you send prescriptions to patients electronically. Another EMR solution for urgent care centers is VelociDoc, a cloud-based EMR solution that is ICD-10-ready and highly customizable. It offers features that are especially useful for urgent care centers and solo practitioners.

The Epic system is easy to use and intuitive. You can easily navigate and print the paperwork you need. It also integrates with other systems, which makes it easier for doctors to work with. However, it can take a while to implement the software. If you’re new to EHR software, be prepared to invest some time learning it.

Practice Velocity EHR software is web-based and integrates with practice management systems. Creates a rich patient medical history, tracks claims, and detects data entry errors. Also offers features like automatic statement mailing and denial analysis. An excellent choice for mid-sized medical groups.

Practice Velocity’s integration with DocuTAP practice management software makes it easier to connect payer and patient information. This software solution also helps doctors maximize revenue by simplifying billing and collections. In addition, it supports multiple insurance providers, allowing practices to split billing for patients who are self-paying. It is also mobile-compatible and offers a variety of features for doctors of all sizes.

Practice Velocity EHR software comes with several features that make it ideal for urgent care. It is user-friendly, easy to learn, and includes robust patient medical histories. It is also designed to track claims efficiently and helps physicians avoid errors. With these features, Practice Velocity EHR can help urgent care centers handle patient health records electronically.


Practice Velocity is a provider of EHR software and services for urgent care clinics nationwide. The company has become a leader in this field, offering a variety of services to help medical clinics stay efficient and increase their patient satisfaction. They recently merged with DocuTAP, making them a single company that supports both legacy and new software. They also plan to release a new platform that will bring together the best features from both companies and support the efficiency and ease of use of these clinics.

Practice Velocity’s EHR software comes with a subscription fee and includes the costs associated with the software license and training. The software is also subject to customization and maintenance and support fees. Hidden costs are often included in these costs. If you’re curious about how much Practice Velocity EHR software costs, use our TCO calculator to find out how much the software will cost you.

Practice Velocity’s industry-leading EHR software solutions help physicians in urgent care centers, occupational medicine clinics, and specialty practices increase their productivity and profit. Their technology makes it easier for physicians to use electronic medical records (EMRs), manage patient records, and automate billing and medical coding. The software is also flexible, which allows physicians to chart and treat patients faster.

Practice Velocity has been growing from a basement urgent care clinic to a 230-employee company in 12 years. Its founders are urgent care physicians who have built an EHR that can grow with the needs of a growing practice. The software allows medical professionals to track patient records across multiple locations.

Practice Velocity offers two EHR products: VelociDoc EHR and Practice Velocity PM software. Both EHR software solutions offer robust features and customizable interfaces. VelociDoc EHR is ideal for urgent care practices and midsize medical sets of 11-50 physicians.


Practice Velocity is an EHR system that is very easy to use and affordable. It offers a comprehensive set of features and is designed to streamline the billing process as Revolutionehr Insight. The platform also makes it easy for practices to register new patients and track their insurance eligibility. The PVM solution is particularly helpful for practices that deal with patients that are self-funded and have different insurance plans.

The company has been in business for over 12 years and employs over 230 people. Originally the company focused on developing EHR solutions but has since expanded to offer practice management software. The company’s office is based in Machesney Park, Illinois. In addition to providing EHR and practice management solutions, it also offers consulting services.

Despite the many benefits, Practice Velocity EHR Software is not perfect. The software needs to be customized to fit the needs of individual practices. The upgrades take time and aren’t immediate. Despite these issues, the software’s customer support team is willing to make changes to meet the needs of doctors.

Practice Velocity EHR Software offers a variety of EMR solutions for urgent care, small to midsize medical clinics, and individual practitioners. Its Doc EMR is cloud-based and offers point-and-click functionality. Doc EMR also generates pertinent questions, diagnoses, and procedures automatically. The system also features appointment scheduling and integrates with PVM Practice Management Software.


Practice Velocity is a leading provider of electronic health records and software for urgent care centers. The company’s Patient Portal has received ONC-accredited certification, enabling users to manage their own care and access information about their medical history. The patient portal also integrates with Practice Velocity VelociDoc EMR. The company says the patient portal improves workflows, increases revenue, and helps patients manage their own care.

Its EHR software for urgent care practices includes tools for clinical charting, e-prescriptions, billing, and insurance eligibility checks. It also automates work lists and expedites payments for self-pay patients. The company has been in business for 12 years and employs more than 230 people. The company began developing EHR software in its basement and later added practice management and billing software. It is headquartered in Machesney Park, Illinois.

Specialty practices face unique challenges. Their resources are often stretched thin, so smart tools are necessary for better patient care. Integrating EHR software with a revenue-cycle management system helps to reduce account receivable balances, improve cash flow, and provide more efficient claims processing.

VelociDoc EMR for urgent care practices is fully web-based, and it can integrate with PVM practice management software. With a streamlined workflow and real-time E&M coding recommendations, VelociDoc is a valuable tool for urgent care clinics. It is also customizable for occupational medicine protocols.

Practice Velocity EHR Software has several EMR solutions for urgent care practices, including Doc EMR. These cloud-based EMR solutions can be used by small to midsize medical practices. Doc EMR, for instance, features point-and-click functionality, which allows users to record information in a simple, easy-to-use way. It also automatically generates pertinent questions, diagnoses, and procedures. Additionally, Doc EMR integrates with PVM Practice Management Software, which means patients can access their medical records with ease.

Practice Velocity EHR Software and its integrated systems make managing a medical practice easier and improve patient care. This software can help physicians save time and money, and it is easy to learn and use. It can also help you increase production and efficiency.

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