March 26, 2023
door handles

Choosing the right door handles for a door is something that may sound insignificant but adds a lot to the beauty of your house or office as well as different door handles also serves various levels of convenience and durability.

A door is probably the point of initial contact for every customer or visitor at either your office or your home, so it needs to be attractive. A door can be customize in a lot of ways but the easiest and simple way to customize your door is by using a door handle of your choice that adds your signature to the interior work.

The options available in the market for door handles are immense and one needs to analyze his or her own needs and style before choosing the right one for him or herself. Customize or newer handles that are available in the market are more stylish and higher quality products that not only increase usability but also speak a lot about the style and preference of the owner.

The benefits of using a door handle from a reliable manufacturer:

  • A lot of people may not get the importance of using the right kind of door handle, but it holds great importance. Stress-free access to the doors is one of the biggest benefits of using a good door handle. Imagine you buy an inferior quality door handle that is integrate from the locking mechanism and one odd day it gets stuck. You can be left completely abandone outside your own home just because you bought a door handle from a local manufacturer.
  • A door is something that is the first thing that greets any visitor coming into your property. And Stains and grime are the things that can ruin the overall look and more importantly the overall experience of homeowners or visitors.  Suppose the visitor finds the door handle with stains on it while just entering your home, it may ruin the overall mood of the visitor. That is why you should only go for handles that are stain-free or stain-resistant.
  • It also reflects the personality of the owner. People often tend to notice some of the smallest things when they judge someone’s personality. It speaks about your personality and how much attention you pay to even the smallest detail. It is just like getting the allows or your car highlight or getting your hair color. The activity may seem small and minute, but the impact is huge. That is why choosing the right kind and style of door handle is way above just enhancing the beauty of the property.

Types of Door Handles

1.      Lever on backplate handles:

These door handles are probably the oldest, yet they still are the classiest options. These handles have a back plate behind them with a thumb turn to open the door. They also have the locks integrate into it.  These come in various designs and materials which increases the variety of range to choose from.

2.      Lever on rose handle:

Square or circular rose is what these handles are equippe with. And hence, the name. The point which connects the door handle to the door is hidden behind this rose and that is what makes everything look very smooth and beautiful.

3.      Pull door handles:

Doors that do not need latches and open both ways are generally equippe with such pull handles. You must have seen these types of handles generally in commercial places where the footfall is high. The bars are thick and give a good grip to open and close the huge glass doors install at stores and offices. These handles are long-lasting and need minimum maintenance of just regular cleaning.

4.      Doorknobs

These spherical-shape knobs have been in existence since the beginning of doors. They give a simple yet sophisticate look to the door. They are especially available in a golden color that enhances the overall beauty and class of the doors. The upgrade versions also come with a unique locking mechanism that enhances the overall security by keeping up with the aesthetics of the house as well.


The variety and benefits of door handles are unlimite but since they come in several options and styles you need to choose the one as per your need very carefully after analyzing all the pros and cons of each. The same door handle cannot be use everywhere and that is why choosing the right one for the different doors is essential.

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