March 27, 2023

Patients struggling with hair loss always look for better options when it comes to hair restoration. However, there are several non-invasive options available for hair growth. But they do have less effectiveness than surgical hair transplants. Smartgraft hair restoration is an intuitive technique that is safe, less invasive, and effective. It works with the most prominent FUE techniques of hair grafting and implantation. The procedure works by removing hairs from donor areas of the head to implant at bald sites. It uses the automated smartgraft machine that works with programmed instructions to execute the process. However, it is a safe procedure for hair restoration. But still, require some preparations on your end to attain the best outcomes. So, look below at the helpful preparation tips for this hair transplantation.

Consult The Surgeon

A hair transplant is a life-long decision, so you should not take it casually. It is always important to consult with an expert hair surgeon prior to undergoing the treatment. It enables you to discuss your specific needs with the specialist. Also, the surgeon can evaluate your hair closely to make a better restoration plan. During the consultation, do not forget to look at the before and after results of smartgraft hair implantation. This would certainly boost your confidence and hopefulness to get your natural hair back.

Be in Good Health

It is needless to say that a smartgraft hair restoration is an advanced form of hair transplant. It works with automated tools and hence can reduce the risk of human errors. So, it is generally safe for every individual seeking the best results. But, it is vital to be in good health before getting the hair restoration treatment. Therefore, you must consider some basic blood tests and EKG to ensure optimal health. It ensures that you are fit to grasp the full advantage of a hair transplant and ready for quick recovery.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Smartgraft hair transplant is a minimal-invasive treatment than traditional strip methods. It causes fewer injuries to the head while the extraction of the donor’s hairs. The procedure only punches small incisions to extract the grafts for successful implantation. But it does require proper care when it comes to recovering from the surgery. Thus, you would certainly need to stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. They can interfere with wound healing after surgery. Alcohol can also increase the risk of postoperative bleeding as it works as a blood thinner. You must stop smoking and alcohol at least a week ago from surgery.

Massage The Scalp

Before hair restoration, you must look into the advantage of scalp massage. It will help in making your scalp skin soft and improves blood circulation. Therefore, you must massage your scalp with oil for at least 10 minutes daily. You should start scalp massaging a month before the surgery to get superior outcomes. Also, you must not cut your hair before the surgical procedure. It will reduce the number of donor grafts that are needed for implantation. The hair surgeon would require enough donor hairs to complete the hair implantation successfully.

Stop Taking Multivitamins

Multivitamins are essential for healthily living without any doubt. But if you plan for smartgraft hair restoration, you may have to stop taking them. The vitamins like C, K, E, B, and fish oils can contradict anesthesia, bleeding time, and healing as well. Therefore, you must stop taking them at least one week prior to a hair transplant. Also, you must stop taking blood thinners and anti-inflammatory pills before surgery. Such medication can increase the risk of bleeding during treatment.

Consider Cost

Cost is an essential element of hair transplant surgery planning. You must look forward to computing the estimated cost of treatment. A hair transplant is not covered under insurance since it is a cosmetic treatment. Also, the cost per session could vary from 5k to 15k dollars. It might be low or high as per the degree of baldness and the number of grafts required. So, it is better to ask the surgeon before you undergo surgery. However, some professional hair restoration clinics do provide facilities for financing hair loss treatment. Well, smartgraft is an intuitive technique of hair transplant that will return full benefit on your investment.

To Sum Up

With smartgraft hair restoration, you can obtain high-quality results. A surgeon would leave no stone unturned to provide you with desired results. But you also need to follow some tips before the procedure. It helps you to make hair transplantation a successful, smooth going, and fast healing process. Therefore, keep in mind these tips prior to visiting the hair restoration clinic for hair implants.

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