March 30, 2023
Hot Stone Massage Federal Way,

Hot Stone Massage Federal Way,

Talking about hot stone massage we are well aware of how it is one of the most sought-after kinds of massage and how it has lots of medicinal benefits. This is the very reason why orchid spa brings its best Hot Stone Massage Federal Way to your area. In case you are new to the massage world we want to briefly describe what happens during the hot stone massage.

Process of hot stone massage

Smooth, flat, heated stones are used on certain body areas during a hot stone massage. Typically, basalt, a kind of volcanic rock that maintains heat, is used to make the stones. The University of New Hampshire Health Services states that heated massage stones range in temperature from 130 to 145 degrees. The stones might be position around your spine, over your chest, your stomach, your face, your palms, and your feet and toes.

Heated stones may be used by massage therapists while they apply Swedish massage methods to your body which include extend stroke, rotating motions, vibration, tapping, or kneading. Occasionally, a hot stone massage will also include the use of cold stones. After heated stones, cold stones can be use to relax the skin and reduce any engorged blood vessels.

Factors affecting hot stone massage benefits

There are a few factors that determine the benefits of hot stone massage. So, these factors are as follows;

  1. The technique of the massage therapist

Every kind of massage needs to be done in some particular fashion to provide excellent results. if you are a person with sensitive skin then your massage expert must have enough experience that he or she won’t bruise your body in the name of massage. as we are concern with hot massage here that relatively increases the blood flow during the massage, so it is important that your masseuse is gentle with his/her technique so you won’t have to suffer with any kind of pain later. 

  1. Health concerns

This one is for massage experts. As a massage therapist, you should be careful not to overdo. It while utilizing hot stones on your customers when you first start practicing the method. Your customers should always leave the session feeling rejuvenated, invigorated, calm, and supported.

This modality, like the majority of massage treatments, is design to grow over a period of weeks. Clients may reconsider returning if they are unwell or in discomfort, or if the temperatures have strained their internal systems. Keep in mind that your purpose as their massage therapist is to assist them in realizing the soothing advantages of routine hot stone massages.

  1. Experience Sensation Loss

If you have a disease like neuropathy, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a peripheral vascular illness. You shouldn’t undergo a hot stone massage. If nerves harm during surgery, an accident, or trauma, this also applies to the recovery time.

  1. Use certain medications

Be sure to think about the prescriptions you usually take before receiving a hot stone massage. If you use blood thinners or any other drugs. That have negative effects connected to heat, stay away from these therapies.

  1. Having a Weak Immune System

Although hot stone massages Federal way might make you feel rejuvenated. They are not advised for people with compromised immune systems. Consult your doctor before booking if you have cancer, lupus, mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr virus, or any of these conditions.

Benefits of hot stone massage

With Orchid Massage Federal Way by the orchid spa, you can have numerous benefits. However, as we are concerned here with hot stone massage. So we will stick with the benefits of hot stone massage particularly. 

Pain reduction

Particularly in patients with a range of diseases. Such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders, hot stone massage has been linked to symptom improvement.

Increased flexibility of the joints

Joint movement may become more painful and challenging when muscles are tense. Muscles become more relaxed as a result of massage therapy, making movement simpler and more comfortable.

Improved sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping. They don’t get the necessary 7-8 hours of sleep every night because of things like stress, sleeplessness, and hectic schedules.

Increase in oxygen flow

Heat expands the capillaries, bringing new blood to the area. Flushing away lactic acid buildup, and bringing healing nutrients, oxygen, and new tissue building blocks.


We really hope after reading this blog you would have a better idea of how hot stone massage can be beneficial for you. Any time you should avoid this massage. In case, you still have any queries feel free to reach us anytime. 

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