June 5, 2023
Morry Rubin Gallery

Founded in 1973 by Michael McHenry, the Morry Rubin Gallery has become a premier venue for the exhibition and sale of contemporary art. The collection includes works by a number of Israeli artists. It also includes unique public programs such as lectures and book signings.

Collection of Contemporary Israeli Artists

Among the most renowned art galleries in New York, Morry Rubin Gallery specializes in presenting works by contemporary Israeli artists and craftsmen. Aside from exhibiting the works of the artists, the gallery also provides a number of educational programs and public events.

Michael McHenry

The Morry Rubin Gallery is owned by Michael McHenry, who was born in Zurich, Switzerland. After attending the University of Essex in England, he moved to New York City. Initially, he wanted to be a lawyer, but he realized that his passion was art. In the early 1980s, he began to collect contemporary artists, and then opened his own art gallery in New York. His interest in the arts was so strong that he eventually became part owner of several publicly traded companies.

Important Collections Worldwide

Morry Rubin is a talented filmmaker, musician, and art dealer. He is also a prominent member of the Israeli arts community. His works have been exhibited in important collections worldwide. Rubin’s artistic style is very abstract. His works often take on historical themes. His work has been recognized by the Jewish National Fund and the Dizengoff Prize.

Lectures & Book Signings

During the summer quarter of 2016, the Morry Rubin Gallery, located at The Art of Collecting in Denver, hosted lectures and book signings in conjunction with the Rubin and Gloria Feldman Family Education Institute. These lectures and book signings were designed to demonstrate how collecting is done.

Jews and Modernity

In addition to the lectures and book signings, there was a small museum of artifacts that spanned the centuries. The exhibition titled “Transformation: Jews and Modernity” contained works of art created by Jewish artists during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Exhibition of Architecture & Campus

There is also an exhibition of architecture and campus planning at America’s First University. This exhibit is a good example of the state of the art in campus design.

Aside from the lecture and book signings, there is also a small onsite bookstore. This bookstore has books by speakers, including Dr. David Dalin. Among the books that can be purchased are his book, Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court.

There is also a large art show taking place in June called EXPO New Mexico. This fair is located between Lomas and Central, and is one of the largest shows in the state.

Unique Public Programs

Founded in the early 1980s, Morry Rubin Gallery is a destination for art lovers. This unique gallery specializes in contemporary craft and features art from a variety of artists from around the world. There are numerous events and special exhibitions hosted at the gallery every year. In addition to the gallery, the owner also runs a film production company and eCommerce company.

Brain & Meditation

One of the most unique programs at the Morry Rubin Gallery involves the brain and meditation. This program is a collaboration between scientists and artists that examines the connection between art, music and the brain. In this program, neuroscientists and artists discussed the impact of meditation on the human brain. The gallery also featured an exhibition called “Brainwave,” which explored the connections between art and music.

Final Steps:

The gallery has also hosted numerous events that benefit charities. These events often draw large crowds. These events have helped raise funds for new art projects. There have also been book signings by authors and artists.

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